the American Dof Federation is dedicated to the enhancement of every breed. Dog Shows for purebred registered dogs will always be a way for registered purebred dogs to accomplish the total dog. The
americandog federation sanctions dog sow and those dog sho  ws   give the owner of the purebred dogs the opportunitu to gain titles such as conformation champion grand champion grand champion supreme and
register of merit champion
                                                              About The ADF
The American Dog Federation is a worldwide registry was established in 1970 when breeders were
realizing the need for a registry that would understand the need to recognize and register and
preserve the pedigrees of foreign pure bred dogs that were not recognized by the traditional
the ADF Provides for today’s breeder/owner
1- excellent customer service that meets your needs. The ADF provides a one on one experience
for the breeder/owner  through assigning a representative and their staff who are familiar with the
breed group your dog is included.
2- The ADF keeps an open mind realizes and values the critical role our breeders play  in
preserving the traditional breeds and allows breeding to ancestral bloodlines to enhance their own
3- The ADF offers* titles in Conformation and Obedience through video or in person with 5
prestigious judges who are well known throughout the dog world.   
4- The ADF is committed to the Sport of Dogs and remains committed to many venues of the dog
fancy and advancing the breeder/owner.

                                                             ADF and the “Total  Dog"

The “Total Dog” is a dog that meets your criteria in all ways, it is unique partnership, that can
encompass a one on one relationship, or, an entire family, no dogs or owners  are cookie cutter
so remember to enjoy your “Total Dog” for the unconditional love he brings, the crazy stories you
can tell, his accomplishments, his beauty, his humor, his good days and his not so good days.
Discover The Potential  In Your Dog And Unleash Your Total Dog With The American Dog
* ADF physical dog shows as well as Championship by video the  emphasis on the owner-handler-
breeder and their dogs to create a relaxed and enjoyable experience.
Dogs entered in classes are judged on their own merit and as the judge interprets the standard not
against another dog.

                        American Dog Federation Shows
Are  breeder,owner and family friendly, the ADF promotes an atmosphere of sportsmanship in the
dog fancy as it is meant to be. American Dog Federation licensed judges put the  emphasis  on the
dog, not the handler, on the conformation of the dog not its showmanship, however it is prudent to
have good ring manners. The serious exhibitor should accustom their dog to not only the hustle
and bustle of shows but the demands of the show ring. While it is a advantage to have your dog
stand like a statue for examination please remember  the judges are judging each dog individually,
not against one another but simply on the merit of his conformation. Dogs are judged against one
another for the Grand Champion, Grand Champion Supreme and Register of Merit titles. A
balanced dog always stands out in any crowd.
The ADF does not tolerate poor sportsmanship toward another handler or dog and will be warned
only once before being asked to leave the showgrounds.
ADF championships are gained by having 3 judges rate your dog A-1 Championships can be
reached in 1 show. For more information  on titles to be gained please take Show Infromation link at
the top of the page.

                        Right Breed For You
Deciding to add a dog to your family? The ADF recommends researching the breed /s that best fits
your lifestyle
and your needs.  Are you interested in aguardian and  family pet or perhaps you may
want to breed
? Many people will find it helpful to talk to breeders and owners of the breed/s that
seem to fill their idea of a new puppy or an older dog. Serious and dedicated breeders and owners
will want to help you and answer any questions you may have.

You might want to keep the following in mind:
Different breeds have different temperaments as well as
the individuals within in that breed.

Grooming requirements
can be demanding, please consider that the breed you decide onmay
require signiificant grooming for the dogs well being.

Training musts to insure good manners as a member of your family and your neighborhood.

High energy dogs can require much more of your time

Energy Levels
of individual puppy canbe discussed with the breeder.

Dogs with guardian natures  Before purchasing a dog with a guardian nature please talk to the
breeder as to their recommendation as to socializing and training.

You can learn more about the breed/s that interest you through the American Dog Federation,  at a
dog show as well as talking to a breeder.

Register my dog with the American Dog Federation, The American Dog Federation is a dog registry that offers both titles at ADF Dog Shows and also
the opportunity to join the new movement of Titling your dog in his or her familiar environment.