AMERICAN INDIAN DOG

                                                                                                                       The American Indian Dog Working Group 1


  American Indian Dog
                                                                                                                            The first American Indian Dog in Europe




                                                                                           American Indian Dogs are included in WORKING GROUP 1               
There are currently only two kennels in Europe that sell official and registered ADF puppies  Old Hawk Kennels and Warpaint Kennel located in Germany and the Netherlands.
Contact information if you want to know more about ADF licensed judges/official breeders / registered puppies.

Breed Standard
American Indian Dogs are a medium-sized working dog with a muscular body that is slightly longer than it is tall.
Their neck is medium-length and their back is straight with a level topline. They have strong limbs, a deep chest, and
a nice tuck-up. Their hocks are parallel and defined, and their forelegs are slightly turned outwards and finely boned.
The breed has small, catlike feet that are rounded and have thick pads. Their skull is slightly domed, and their muzzle
is wedge-shaped. Their heads are well-proportioned and feature a pair of medium-sized, almond-shaped eyes that
vary in color. They have comparatively long, pricked ears that slant forward on the head and are very mobile.
American Indian Dogs have thin, black lips that cover well-developed teeth which close in a scissors bite. Their
medium-length coats are shiny and have a short, dense undercoat. The hair varies in length across the body, and is
longer at the chest, shoulders, and the back of the legs. They exist in a wide variety of colors that blend gently
together. White markings may or may not be present.

American Indian Dogs are aware of their surroundings and are very instinctual. They are intellectual thinkers and
form intense relationships with their pack and family. They are cautious and leery, but never aggressive or vicious.
They are a working breed, but they make excellent companions and family watchdogs.There is many difference in
this breed.  The indian dogs in the US are often been crossed with Kelpies. The dogs in Europe have more % coyote
to bring back the natural looks and amazing strength of these dogs.  
Photos and information on the American Indian Dog provided by their Owne r/Breeder/ADF Eu. Judge Wendy Schrievers  
For Information contact:
Old Hawk Kennels Billy Jean                          

American Indian Dog

Quick Facts
◾Weight: 55 – 75 pounds
◾Height: 25 – 27 inches

The American Indian Dog has a medium-sized, athletic frame—slightly longer than tall—covered in a glossy, medium-length coat that may be extra bushy on the chest and legs. The coats
come in a wide range of colors with sable shading. Its handsome, wedge-shaped head has a long, slim muzzle, raised ears and alert eyes. Its tail hangs low with a slight curve.


Ideal Human Companion
◾Active singles
◾Families with older children
◾Experienced dog handlers
◾Outdoorsy types
◾Cool-weather farmers and ranchers

What They Are Like to Live With

Having a natural “pack” mentality, the American Indian Dog forms a very strong bond with its family. Watchful and gentle with children, helpful and versatile with adults, this canine has a
very mellow and serene spirit. Because of its strong protective instincts, the American Indian Dog can be slightly reserved around strangers.

Things You Should Know

The American Indian Dog can live as long as 18 years. It is fairly easy to groom as well, requiring just regular brushing. During spring and fall shedding seasons, might require daily

Though it can be mellow, the American Indian Dog has an energetic and inquisitive side. Apartment living might not suit it very well. In addition to daily walks, the American Indian Dog
needs time to run free in a protected area.

American Indian Dog History

The ancesters of the American Indian Dog dates back to the faithful canines that lived and worked among the Plains Indians thousands of years ago. Once used for hauling, guarding,
hunting and companionship, the American Indian Dog is very versatile, adopting a tough demeanor on the job and a friendly one around family and friends.
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