American Dog FederationThe p

rimary goals of the American Dog Federation encompasses both encouragement and information for those who are interested in titling their dogs in Obedience and or the Conformation  Ring . All dogs whether
residing in the US or out of country competing must be registered with the American Dog Federation before competing.

Titles available:                           American Bully Breed Standard, American Bully Breed standards
Exemplary Canine Citiz
Personal Protection
Temperament Testing /Working Aptitude Evaluation

The American Dog Federation also  includes Herding, Therapy Dogs, Weight Pull Competitions, Dock Jumping (where available) and  Lure coursing (where available)

As a serious owner/breeder/trainer/owner  the opportunity to train and title your dog will be a wonderful and fullfilling experience.

American Dog Federation
PO Box 238
Barryton, Michigan 49305
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registratio puppy articles, agility and obedience eventa and also personal protection
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17 januari Informatie dag (wachtlijst pups) te Warpaint Kennels

10 febr  Indian Dog wandeling met workshop;  Je hond als spiegel  te Hatertse Vennen

24 februari  Indian Dog leergang met sledehonden uitleg basis (theorie) te Warpaint kennels.   Informatie over de
indian dog als ras en het fokprogramma

3 maart Sledehondenworkshop te Kempentrail

17 maart Wolven en Indian Dog Seminar te Wolvenopvang Sonsbeck

28 april  Wandeling en sledehondenworkshop (Gratis)

5 mei  Wolvenseminar Wolves Unlimited,  Sonsbeck (D)

1/2/3 juni   Indian Dog Weekend

23 juni  Suppen met je indian dog in Loosdrecht

2 juli  Indian dog wandeling en info dag

9 sept  Indian dog clubdag en keuring

Voor meer workshops en uitgebreide info click here
Heel mooi weekend @ Western Experience met IDE; Indian Dogs in Europe;
Historische Parade onder begeleiding van de Native American Flute door Benjamin Mapacheboy
& Dogscooter demo onder leiding van Amber van Noort
Fotos; met dank aan ; HW Fotografie

Very nice weekend @ Western experience with ide; Indian dogs in Europe;
Historical parade under the guidance of the native American Flute by Benjamin Mapacheboy
& dogscooter demo led by Amber van noort
Photos; thanks to; hw photography